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This year we're exhibiting on events like Pioneers Festival, Slush Helsinki. We're presenting our new capabilities as a software house, but what's even more important we premiered our new venture - Finderstand.

Finderstand is a chatbot company focused on financial sector. We provide automated NLP consultants, pre-trained in most common contexts and intentions in financial domain.

See you on the next event! Szymon Paroszkiewicz & Team

Festival of Marketing   |   London

The Festival of Marketing is a unique experience where ambitious marketers can discover, learn, celebrate and shape the future together.

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Boosting top technological talent, the highest venture capital investments per capital and multi national centers for industry leaders such as Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, EMC, Microsoft, GM, Amdocs, SAP, Applied Materials, Facebook, Orange, Cisco Israel etc. Tel Aviv is the best location to get up close and personal with the entire Hi-tech hub!

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Europe’s largest unified communication and collaboration event is back again, bigger and better than ever before -now with over 7,000 visitors!

We’re here to help you tick off everything you need to get up to date with the latest tech in; Cloud, Networks, Comms Security, AI and Collaboration all in one convenient place. We will again provide you with the show stopping content programme which will include a global line up of superstar executives, consultants, and analysts from the industry’s finest organisations.

UC EXPO is the one stop shop event which will provide both visitors and exhibitors alike the opportunity to get together in one room and make decisions and discuss the latest cutting edge technologies. For any UC EXPO newbies, you can expect to get hands on with over 100 rock star brands.

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Will we become a trans-planetary species within our lifetime? Will we be able to print out fully functional organs? Will we fly to work in pods or even work at all? Will we find love with robots? Go beyond the hype, see pioneering deep tech. Join us and experience first hand how deep tech is redefining our world. Get inspired to pioneer!

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