Our website production process Develtio is a perfect fit for both dynamic implementations, where time is the key factor, and in long-term processes that result in creating complete information portals intended to serve the company’s purposes for years.

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An in-depth analysis of the client needs and a brief

Before we move on to the designing work, we carry out an in-depth analysis of our client’s needs. It is because it is critical for the project to establish explicit goals for a given website, the processes that we want the user to go through and the implementation success factors.

Functional websites design

Based on the collected information, we develop functional models of a website to give us the opportunity to reflect on the website’s operation, information architecture and key functionalities.

Graphic design

After the essential functional guidelines and models have been created, we move on to designing the website. At this stage, our designers create graphics that not only will excite the users, but that will primarily achieve the goals our client has established for the website.


The decision on which technologies to employ is made at the very beginning of the project when analyzing the client’s needs. Also, it is very important to us to ensure that the client stays always updated on the project’s progress and has access to all the assets delivered by our developers. What is also special about Develtio is that during the implementation, we particularly focus on the clarity of the programming code, on achieving the highest standards of Search Engine Optimization and on the website’s performance speed.

Post-implementation stage

When the project is delivered to a satisfied client, it does not have to mean that the improvement work is over. Companies that use their websites for customer service or sales, may rely on our additional services such an ongoing content optimization, adjustments and changes to the website based on reports, heat maps (maps that show which elements of the websites attract the user’s particular interest), Google Analytics and other data.

Service Level Agreement - client support even 24/7

Whenever necessary, we provide highly advanced client support services for our clients’ websites – including a 24/7 readiness to introduce changes, monitor the efficiency and resolve any problems.

The technologies we employ in our website projects:

  • JavaScript
  • PHP / Laravel / Symfony
  • Wordpress

Types of projects delivered by Develtio:

  • Corporate websites
  • Landing Page
  • Micro-site for advertising campaigns
  • Content websites and services
  • Websites for promotions and consumer actions

User Experience Design (UX)

User experience on your website translates into user experience with your company. For this reason, when designing websites, we focus not only on the aesthetics and the needs of the business, but primarily on the website’s end users. Ultimately, it is the user who will utilize your website to:

  • obtain necessary information,
  • verify if your offer matches his/her needs,
  • find a product or service he/she is looking for,
  • contact your company.

With many years of experience in User Experience and User Interface that we gained during cooperation with the biggest companies such as Orange, Yves Rocher or BGŻ BNP Paribas, we know exactly how to design a website, with the main focus on the customer and his/her convenience.

Our implementations are tested at each and every stage: from the modelling stage to the post-implementations tests.

We monitor user’s behaviours on the website (e.g. heat maps technology) and recommend to our clients solutions that drive conversion.

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