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For most of our clients, native mobile applications are not that exciting anymore. Whenever there is a need for a convenient user interaction on a mobile device, and a low entry threshold, we offer our clients one of the two solutions: chatbots or Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

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What is a PWA and what are the benefits?

Progressive applications are written in web languages using JavaScript and frameworks. The difference between a PWA and a standard application launched from a browser is that a PWA works just like a mobile application. In particular, a PWA can work offline, send notifications or use mobile phone functions such as GPS, camera, gestures, etc. And what is more, you do not need to download it from Google Play or AppStore.

PWA – a huge competitive edge for your business

The major benefit of developing a mobile application in progressive web apps technology is that you save your time and resources. It is because, when creating a PWA we use only one team of programmers who utilize a single technology stack.This means that we write the application only once, but it will work well on all platforms, whether it is Android, iOS, Windows or desktop.

The key advantages of creating progressive web apps solutions:

  • The application works for any user notwithstanding her/his browser or platform he/she may use
  • PWAs are responsive and working well on tablets, mobile phones and computers
  • Progressive applications work offline and at slow internet speed
  • PWAs are indistinguishable from native applications: they work fast, efficiently and intuitively
  • As HTTPS supported applications, they are safe and their content and functions were never exposed to third party interference
  • They are always up-to-date
  • They support push notifications and many other mobile phone functions that used to be available only for native applications
  • They may be used via a browser but may also be installed on a mobile phone without accessing Google Play or AppStore
  • They have a low entry threshold – you only need to click on the link. No installations are required
  • They offer excellent visibility in search engines and impact on SEO.

PWA applications can be quickly integrated with existing databases or content management systems. In this way, we achieve considerable flexibility in connecting and further developing the back-end of the application.

Whom is a PWA for?

The progressive web apps prove very helpful for enterprises that aim at performing specific business, informative, sales or customer care functions.

PWA implementations will work excellently with any communication and marketing activities of the company. We are positive that with a PWA many companies will significantly improve their customer communication and take a step forward into the omnichannel era.

  • Business
  • Information
  • Sale
  • Customer Care

Case studies of the PWA technology use for building mobile applications (and more!):

Best Western Hotels

The Best Western River North Hotel increased its revenue by 300% with a new progressive web app.


With PWA technology, the Tinder dating application reduced its loading time from 12 seconds to 4.69 seconds. The Tinder progressive app is 90% less in size than its native Android application.


With the PWA, Trivago increased the percentage of users who add the application to their home screens by 150%. The higher engagement resulted in a 97% increase in clickouts to hotel offers.

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