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Our approach to software development

Our aim is to deliver you The Difference At Develtio we redefine software production through agile IT talent management and quantitative approach to scoping projects. We help companies to create great apps fast and on a fair budget.

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We provide You with fixed project estimate in 24h or less based on aggregated application design and development experience

We forecast needs of your project and apply top IT talent when it’s most needed

Let our inHouse development team deliver more standard components of the application and fulfill SLA needs for your project

Get it done with high quality, great documentation, and fast. We want you to feel The Difference

How we do IT?

Every software project needs a few super-talented, experienced programmers and team of devs to provide with less critical tasks. We deliver just that.

Our inHouse team of devs and PMs + pool of top experts

We work with a pool of 70 the best software developers from Poland. True experts in their specific fields. Thanks to our proprietary algorithm for teams creation, we choose the best of them for a given project in order to deliver it on the best possible quality and blazing speed. This top talent is supported by our inHouse team and experienced product managers.

What does it mean for You?

It simply means that you can get your application created in ultra-fast way, keep high quality (clear code, documentation, etc.) and competitive price.

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Product Managers
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Best Polish Devs
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Our Product Manager will provide you with a roadmap for delivery of your app. You don’t have to create tasks and milestones. It’s done by us.

You’re simply informed when we achieve important milestones and let you see the progress of your project.

With Develtio Client’s aim is to focus on big picture and business side of the project.

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Our liquid workforce let us do things faster. We know when one great developer from our pool can do something within a day, instead of inexperienced people that will spend a week on the same task. On the other hand, you don’t want to bloat your budget, so less demanding tasks are done by our always available inHouse team.

Don’t worry, we’re from Poland

Polish IT talent is among top five in the world. We’re proud to represent our best national export good: programming. For more than 6 years we have been creating beautiful and useful software that is used around the world.

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